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Dawn (Clearwater and Mulberry)
Once a cosmetologist Dawn decided to go down the road to permanent make-up. "My Dad started doing it in his tattoo shop over twenty-five years ago and thought that I would like doing it. He taught me eighteen years ago. I remember when he would get calls from women wanting to know how to do cosmetic tattooing and he was always willing to do whatever he could to help. Other then knowing how to apply make-up, I learned from one of the guys that helped make all this what it is today my father. I do all my work form the tattoo shop in Clearwater, Florida. I think it's the best place you can have it done. It's cleaner then any salon you can go into, and the health department makes sure of it. I did the salon thing and never felt that it was as clean as it should have been with all the hair and smells. Our shop is clean as they come. It has to be. I've had my daughter with me since she was little and the way kids get into things, I had to keep up on everything. We have a very friendly shop, where people don't have to worry about bringing their family. We just ask that you have someone to watch them and that they're well behaved. I have never had a woman feel uncomfortable being there. I have a station in the back where I do all my work so there isn't anyone around to bother us. When all is said and done the job is done and done well. I'm looking forward to meeting you...Dawn.

Eyeliner - Perfect for the client with sparse eyelashes, a soft, natural liner in the lashes creates a fuller lash appearance or a thicker line for a more dramatic look.

Lips- can be naturally lined for a more defined look with any shade from natural to full lip color and can be made fuller . Faded lip borders can be corrected along with scars that may have altered the natural contour of your lips.*

Eyebrows - I can create an eyebrow for the woman or man who has non or just fill in to enhance a sparse brow to look totally natural. Remember, the eyebrows frame your face and are the most important part of your expression and appearance.

Areola and Breast Pigmentation - is a procedure for those who have had breast reconstruction surgery. By adding the areola color and nipple, the breast can look more natural.
A topical anesthetic will be applied and most clients agree that the procedure is far more comfortable than they had anticipated. There is a large array of services offered ... whether it be subtle eyeliner or a more dramatic look, the choice is yours.

These services have helped many people feel better about themselves. Remember -- it's a wonderful feeling when you always look your best!

Who benefits from permanent cosmetics? Busy people who have little time for daily make-up applications. People with allergies to conventional make-up. People with poor vision, or contact lens wearers. Cancer patients who have breast reconstruction. By adding the areola color and nipple simulation, the breast can regain a more natural look. Those physically incapable of applying make-up. Those inconvenienced by touch-ups after a day in the sun, tennis or swimming. Anyone who desires to look great 24 hours a day!

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Permanent Cosmetics

What is Permanent Cosmetics? Permanent cosmetics is the process of implanting color into the dermis layer of skin with the use of a specially designed instrument.

How long does the procedure take? Each procedure will take between one and two hours.

I have very thin or sparse eyebrows. Will this look natural? Yes. Permanent make-up looks more natural than eyebrow pencils. A hair stroke technique can be used to simulate natural bow hairs or a soft fill-in effect can also be used, depending on your preference.

How long does Permanent Cosmetics last? This procedure is permanent, although like all tattooing you will get some fading and may want to come in to be touched-up after 3-5 years.

Is the procedure painful? A topical anesthetic is used which makes the procedure fare more comfortable than anticipated.

What color should I choose? There is a right color for everyone. I take into consideration your natural skin color, hair color and eye color. A soft, natural color is always preferred.

Will I have to take time off work? No. There is minimum swelling and redness. Ice is used to reduce swelling and you will be given an ointment to use for several days.

Can I wear make-up after the procedure is done? I prefer you wear no mascara if you have color applied to your eyes, and no lipstick if you lips are colored. The procedure needs to heal for about 7 days.

What about sterilization? Only single-use, sterile needles are used. All other equipment is either discarded after use or sterilized. All guidelines are strictly followed in accordance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and Florida State Law.